Smart technology in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

The Gartner Top 25 List:

Gartner is the world’s leading research and advisory company. Every year they release the Supply Chain Top 25 that identify supply chain leaders and showcasing their best practices. What are the key common characteristics that separate the best companies from the rest?

Enabling smart technology:

The best supply chain leaders is working very closely with their customers and is using advanced analytics and digitalization of the supply chain. By comparing data from the top leaders, the following best practices can be found:

• Delivery arrangement with Internet of Things (IoT)
• Remote monitoring and management of beverages
• Sensor chips, gateway devices and analytics platform for tracking inventory
• Advanced analytics to mining historical customer and sales data using machine learning
• Auto-replenishment of products based on internet-connected smart sensors
• Artificial intelligence to analyze digital photography from source to manufacturing
• Sharing of real-information from customers, internal manufacturing and distribution nodes
• All data collected is transformed into algorithms that convert data points into operational insights

These examples shows how smart technology can add value for the customers in a world that is becoming ever more networked and connected.

Explore Gartner ranking for 2017 – Gartner Supply Chain List Top 25 2017

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