Future Technology Trends

19 examples of Future Technology Trends:

In the age of new technological innovation, there are new solutions that will change the methods and processes in various fields. Intelligent machines can boost efficiency, safety and productivity. Future technology can help to solve challenges related to climate change and weak economic growth. In the list below, 19 examples of intelligent products and digital tools are presented.


Smart Assembly Watches on Assembly lines

e-Factory: Efficient Automatization for Customized products in Swedish Industry

Smart Production Lab: Volkswagen

Augmented Reality Smart Glasses in Manufacturing

Sensor Systems:

Digital Assistance System in Mining


Smart logistics systems in container terminals

Smart Traffic Management in the city

Supply Chain:

Digital warehouse – Lufthansa

Robots in Logistics and Transportation

Inside a Warehouse – Robots Pack Groceries

Software robot at work processing invoices

Connect Smart Glasses in warehouse

Product Development:

Product Design Process utilizing VR technology

Virtual Reality Collaboration

Big Data in Politics:

Cambridge Analytica – Power of Big Data and Physiographic


Smart Precision Farming

Autonomous vehicles:

Volvo Construction Equipment Electric Machines

Volvo Cars Drive Me

Volvo Autonomous Bus


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