Case Study: Will Robots replace fast-food workers?

1. Watch the video of how the mechanical robot arm Flippy is used in the restaurant chains

2. Important conclusions and future conversations

  • Restaurants are currently having trouble hiring staff.
  • From their pre-pandemic levels, American restaurants have lost more than 560,000 jobs, or 4.6% of their workforce.
  • Robots might be able to partially replace up to 82% of restaurant jobs.
  • Fast food chains in the US might save over $12 billion annually on labor costs through automation.
  • What advantages will there be besides cost savings?
    • Jobs become simpler, safer, and employees are able to interact with customers more.
  • Implementation: Realizing that workers won’t be replaced by machines in a single night.
  • Technical perspectives on design, implementation, and service exist.
  • Automation costs and business model: In this instance, MISO bills restaurants:
    • According to Miso’s “robot as a service” business model, Flippy 2 costs eateries roughly $3,500 each month.
    • For installation, the business levies an extra price of roughly $10,000.
    • Contrast this with the $12.07 per hour median wage for fast food employees in the US.

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