Step into the World of ChatGPT: A Hands-On Approach

What is ChatGPT?

The OpenAI team’s communication platform, ChatGPT, is available without charge.
In essence, it is a browser-based chat program that produces text strings in answer to user inquiries using deep learning.It is made to provide answers to both general and technical queries.It took only 5 days to reach one million users.

How can I use ChatGPT

  1. Create login account at

2. ChatGPT language model can provide responses to questions and prompts. One example of prompt (generate blog topic) is “Give 10 relevant, unique topics under the category of [category title]”. Below find the top prompts that can be used by product managers.

ChatGPT Useful Prompts and Keywords

  • Write
  • Define
  • Brainstorm
  • Code
  • Suggest
  • Explain
  • Create
  • Analyse
  • List
  • Summarize

Hands-on approach Case Study

Use Case:

You are the product manager for a new mobile app that compares moving company prices. You are required to give a market study, roadmap development, company strategy, and vision.

Step by Step Guide using ChatGPT
  1. Ask ChatGPT:
    I’m a Product Manager who is planning to build a new mobile app that’s like Pricerunner. It helps busy people Compare prices thousands of movers. Safe, easy and fast.Write a 1-pager that I can share with my engineering & design team to explain the product vision & the product components that will most likely be involved.
  2. Ask ChatGPT:
    Give me list of roadmap ideas aligned with this strategy.
  3. Ask ChatGPT:
    Write a 10 product comparison chart between the app and its main competitors
  4. Ask ChatGPT:
    Create a Gantt chart outlining the key tasks and timelines for the development of the app
  5. Ask ChatGPT:
    What are the most effective marketing channels for our price comparison app for movers
  6. Ask ChatGPT:
    What personas should I target and then what questions should I be asking them to elicit their job-to-be-done.

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