Three Essentials videos on Lean Product Development

Lean thinking can also be applied in Product Development and R&D environment. The focus is on identifying Value and Non-value Added Activities, making sure that customer requirements are met and build in learning and continuous improvement.

Graphical picture of the house of quality -
House of Quality

Before watching the videos below,  start with reviewing a brief introduction of Lean Product Development by

1. How Scania works with Lean principles and thinking [Click here]

This a brief but descriptive example of Lean thinking and principles at Scania, presented in the Lean Forum in Norway in 2014.

Please note that this presentation is in Swedish

2. Lean Product Development at Goodyear [Click here]

Mr. Norbert Majerus presents how Goodyear implemented Lean in their Product Development processes and their main challenges.

3. Learning from Toyota’s Management System [Click here]

Presented at the Lean Summit 2011, Mr. Takashi Tanaka shares his experience from his time working for Toyota Engineering Co.


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