Academic Search Engines

Academic search engines and databases are useful and trusted resources for obtaining new information, methods and practices in various fields. The content in the scientific paper must have credibility in order to be approved. In this tip of the week, we list five powerful search engines for finding scientific papers written by scientists, researchers and students.

  1. Google Scholar is a popular academic resource for searching academic papers from various online web pages. Click here to access Google Scholar.
  2. Harvard Library is a world-class library and in their search engines it possible to find different materials. One useful tip is to search for Ph.D. dissertations. Click here to access Harvard Library.
  3. Search and access doctoral Ph.D. dissertation from Sweden. Click here to access Dissertations in Sweden
  4. Chalmers University is one of the highest ranked universities in Sweden. Click here to access their thesis portal – Chalmers Studentarbeten
  5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology is ranked as one of the world’s most prestigious universities. Access selected theses and dissertations from all departments in the DSPACE@MIT

To get a full list of academic database and search engines, please visit this Wikipedia page: List of academic databases and search engines

Featured image is By Zhangzhe0101 at Chinese Wikipedia (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


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